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Chicago Asset Recovery and Recycling is a certified recycler providing environmentally sound solutions for managing end-of-life electronics, equipment and IT assets. We offer 

Chicago IT Asset Recovery works with small businesses and global organizations who are invested in sustainability and committed to reducing waste.

In addition to delivering environmentally sound recycling, We provide businesses the opportunity to diversify and enhance their corporate social responsibility portfolio. Businesses aligned with Chicago Asset Recovery support one of the largest and most successful re-entry programs in the country.

Whether your business needs assured destruction for a dozen desktop computers or semi-loads of retiring electronic products, Chicago Asset Recovery wants to work with you. Call our business development team to tell us more about your e-waste needs.

Pick Up Service for local Chicago electronics on fuel efficient vehicles. We strive to make sure that all of our efforts are to make a greener world. Our vehicles range in sizes and so we are always able to meet the demands of our clients. Chicago land Electronics Recycling & Hard Drive Shredding, Junk hauling, Paper shredding, Dumpster rental. We are a faith based business offering free & low cost pick up for Business and Residents. A BBB accredited business using R2 Recycling & E-Stewards vendors as our downstream. We pick up TV’s, computers, Servers etc.  INFO ON PICK UP HERE!

  • Computer & peripheral equipment – central processing units (CPUs), lap tops, PDAs, printers, scanners, storage devices, servers, networking systems.
  • Financial systems – retail/check-out, banking/teller, ATMs.
  • Security systems – monitoring and detection equipment.
  • Entertainment – radio & movie production equipment, transmission systems, sound & video projection equipment, amusements.
  • Office equipment – copiers, fax machines, imaging systems, printing systems.
  • Wire & cables. Circuit boards of all types.
  • Telecommunications equipment – telephones, switching systems, PBXs, transmitters, receivers, microwave systems.
  • Test & measurement equipment – oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal processors, testers.
  • Medical equipment – EKGs, MRIs, CAT scan, X-ray, monitors.
  • Manufacturing equipment – control systems, data entry devices, workstations, instruments, process tools.
  • Control Systems for: materials handling & automation equipment, robotics systems, power generation & distribution equipment.


Wiping & Dismantling
  • We wipe all HD's as a standard Data Destruction procedure. HD's that are too old or cannot me wiped get prepped for dismantling and refining for precious metals.
  • This process is guarantees your data is completely destroyed and cannot be accesed.

Serial #'s

$ 1 /pc
Itemized Serial #'s
  • When ordering any of our data destruction services you will need to fall under some kind of Compliance measure. We can full itemize your items serial numbers on the certificates for your records.
  • We can also itemize every single item picked up for yours records.


$ 10 /pc
On-site & Off-site
  • This Process involves using equipment and punching through the outer core of the drive into the actual discs which destroys the drive!
  • Hard Drives that are properly punched get prepped for dismantling and ultimately refining for precious metals.


$ 5$ 10 /pc
Hipaa & Facta Compliant
  • Hipaa & Facta Compliant Data Destruction Service when completed on facility location.
  • When the degausser is applied to magnetic domains the information is scrambled into random patterns, making the data stored in the magnetic domain unreadable.

Registered – HIPAA/FACTA Compliant – R2 Downstream
​We have been in business since before the Landfill Ban and have our own Equipment, Shredders, Forklifts, IT staff, Data Wiping stations, Retail division.

State Of The Art Disposal

​We continuously update our state of the art processes for e-waste disposal, data destruction & hazardous waste management.

25+ Drop Off Sites

Our drop off locations are through out the Chicago Land area for many different items. The locations range from Chicago to the burbs.

On-Site & Off-Site HD Destruction

On-site HD "punching" is a cost effective way to see your hard drives destroyed. Data Destruction is a top priority.



Our downstream operations are certified companies that handle toxic waste and products that these items create. Our downstream use state-of-the-art equipment to process your lamps & e-waste in an environmentally safe and legally acceptable manner.


There are many ways to destroy a piece of equipment that holds data. We offer every single type of service available whether its On-Site Data Destruction, On-Site Hard Drive Destruction, Off-site Data Destruction or Off-Site Hard Drive Destruction.


Do not allow your equipment to ever end up on the market again! We are the provider the biggest companies and government agencies in the world trust when they want to make absolute certain their equipment is completely destroyed.


There are many types of batteries you will come across. Certain batteries have value, while others come at a cost to dispose of properly. We have the tools and downstream needed to give you the best value available to your battery recycling needs.