Ink & Toner Recycling

Did you know there is over 300 million lbs of ink and toner thrown away every single year?
Crazy right?

We offer a ink and toner recycling program to the public. We can handle a few pieces all the way to thousands of units. There are fees for certain units but if you have HIGH VALUE un-opened toner cartridges from the newest printers we offer a buy back program if they are not expired. In any case you are allowed to put your cartridges on our truck while we pick up your other items. We will process the units and also use downstream vendors for toners that can be refurbished.

Our Goal is to create a 1 stop shop for all of your Electronic recycling, toner recycling, paper recycling, asset recovery needs on a single truck. We are able to handle all aspects of recycling for corporations and and residential clients.

First lb free
$1.00 per lb (min $5)
Opened Toner:
$1.50 per unit (1-25)
$1.00 per unit (26-50)
$0.75 per unit (51-100)
100+ call
UN-opened Toner:
High Value Toner (1 year old)
Please Call 847-397-2900

Pick Up Service for local Chicago electronics on fuel efficient vehicles. We strive to make sure that all of our efforts are to make a greener world. Our vehicles range in sizes and so we are always able to meet the demands of our clients. Chicago land Electronics Recycling & Hard Drive Shredding, Junk hauling, Paper shredding, Dumpster rental. We are a faith based business offering free & low cost pick up for Business and Residents. A BBB accredited business using R2 Recycling & E-Stewards vendors as our downstream. We pick up TV’s, computers, Servers etc.


Registered - HIPAA/FACTA Compliant - R2 Downstream

​We have been in business since before the Landfill Ban and have our own Equipment, Shredders, Forklifts, IT staff, Data Wiping stations, Retail division. We have trucks collecting everyday and are able to even accommodate emergency pick up services. Our R2 Downstreams are regulated and provide you the peace of mind you need when working with a respected company. All DATA is either wiped, or dismantle for precious metals as a standard procedure. We also offer premium hard drive punching and destruction services. We Offer Chicago Electronics Recycling, Computer Recycling, Chicago Data Destruction, Chicago Hard Drive Shredding, Chicago TV Recycling & TV Disposal and Chicago IT Asset Recovery (IT Asset Disposition).


We can service residential TV/appliance needs as well. Click button for details and our submission form.


FREE drop off for ALL items except TV's. You will always find a location near by & Lowest cost TV recycling fee. Click button to see details of what we accept.

Electronic Recycling

Our electronics recycling service is unique. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small mom and pop shops. When we take your computers and servers, our team carefully removes all hard drives and preps them for data destruction.

IT Asset Recovery

Chicago Asset Recovery and Recycling is a certified recycler providing environmentally sound solutions for managing end-of-life electronics, equipment and IT assets. We offer Chicago IT Asset Recovery works with small global organizations

Ink & Toner Recycling

We offer ink and toner recycling program to the public. We can handle a few pieces all the way to thousands of units. Chicago IT Asset Recovery works with small businesses and global organizations who are invested in sustainability.

Data Destruction

We offer a certified hard drive destruction service using a piece of equipment that renders the entire hard drive useless. No one will be able to use the hard drive again for any purpose. Our crusher is portable which means on-location data destruction.