What is electronics recycling? and who should you choose?

Electronics Recycling
Electronic equipment is constructed from precious materials and resources, including metals, plastics, and glass. A large amount of energy is required to mine and process these materials. These precious materials include gold, copper, zinc and even palladium. Recycling domestic electronics conserves our natural resources and helps to reduce air and water pollution. It also helps to cut down greenhouse gas emissions that are by-products of mining and manufacturing virgin materials.
New Government laws (Environmental Protection Agency) now require for all electronic and electrical goods to be disposed of in a properly controlled manner. This has led to a lot of businesses opening up offering recycling services.  The services provided by these companies will differ from one company to the next and may include the following:
Free electronics equipment pick up
Computer and server hard drive data destruction
Certificate of recycling provided
Provide drop off centres for electronics equipment
Organise and run recycling events for neighbourhoods, churches and corporate organizations
Why Recycle
It is estimated that recycling electronic and electrical equipment has the following benefits:
Enough energy to power 3,500 homes a year can be saved by recycling one million used laptop computers.
800 pounds of silver, 30 thousand pounds of copper, 70 pounds of gold, and 30 pounds of palladium can be recovered by recycling 1 million mobile phone handsets a year.
Things to think about before recycling your electronics

  • There are a few things to consider before you take your domestic electronics for recycling. Other companies will come and collect your electronics from your home but usually you have to take them to recycling centres.
  • Delete all personal data from laptop and desktop computers (although some companies such as Chicago Electronics Recycling will delete all data for you)
  • Ensure all batteries are removed from your electronic equipment, these are recycled separately
  • Before recycling consider upgrading your hardware or software before spending on brand new equipment. This will save you money and save the environment

Where to recycle
Several companies have sprouted in the recent years to offer recycling services but not all of them offer the same quality services. The recommended recycling provider is Chicago Electronics Recycling for the following reasons:

The company has been in existence for every long time
95% of companies qualify for our FREE business recycling
We offer FREE data destruction from computer hard drives
ALL computer hard drives are shredded after data is wiped
They run a FREE pick up service
They issue Certificates for all recycled electronics
Organise and support community recycling initiatives by organising recycling events


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