For as many electronic devices as we all probably have, it can be difficult sometimes to get rid of them when we no longer need them. Once a computer, for example, is outdated, we’re often faced with the issue of what to do with it. You can’t dispose of it in a normal way, and you also want to make sure that any personal information that might be on this computer is removed totally before you hand it off to some service. Luckily, you won’t have to wonder about computer recycling anymore- in this article, I will provide three different computer recycling and e recycling services and facilities in the Chicago area. These services are perfect for anybody looking to clear out some of their clutter by recycling their old computers.

Computer Recycling

Chicago Shredder

This company offers a wide variety of services for people looking to get rid of their old electronics. Chicago Shredder offers very convenient electronic recycling in a variety of forms. If you have old monitors or TVs that you want to get rid of, Chicago Shredder has trucks that will pick up your e-waste and dispose of it safely; you don’t even have to step foot outside of your business or home.

But it is important that you feel confident that any of your personal information that was on these devices will be destroyed. Chicago Shredder also offers a variety of services to aid your peace of mind in the recycling process. They offer both on-site and off-site data destruction services and hard drive destruction. This process involves punching a hole in the hard drive, making it useless, before it is sent off to be recycled. Their process is compliant with Department of Defense standards, so you can be sure that your old data is safe.

E-Waste Solutions

When I was looking for electronics recycling near me a few years back, I stumbled upon E-Waste Solutions. This company also offers a wide range of solutions for individuals and businesses looking to get rid of some of their old computers and hard drives. Their hard drive disposal service is second to none; you can drop off old hard drives and feel confident that whatever information was on them will be safely disposed of before they are recycled.

And this is not a situation where your hard drives will be sent off to be destroyed before recycling. E-Waste Solutions offers on-site hard drive shredding. For me, this makes their operation much more trustworthy. It’s important that you can see your hard drive being wiped and destroyed, rather than just taking it on faith that will happen at some secondary location. The shredding process also makes everything feel much more complete; it is impossible to recover data from a hard drive that has been properly shredded.

Laptop Recycling


Last, but certainly not least, is Microant. If you have old hard drives that need to be taken care of, Microant is a one-stop-shop. Like the other companies on this list, Microant offers excellent on-site hard drive destruction; they are careful to wipe your hard drive of any data as part of their standard procedure. It’s crucial that when you are looking for electronics recycling that you find a company offering hard drive data destruction. This allows you to be confident in the privacy of your old data.

Like E-Waste Solutions, Microant also offers a great hard drive shredding service. While all hard drive destruction services will ensure the safety of your information before the drive is recycled, having your hard drive completely shredded adds just a little peace of mind to the whole process. At Microant, like the other companies on your list, when your data is gone, it’s gone.

Electronics recycling can sometimes seem intimidating, particularly when personal data and information is involved, as it often is. Hopefully this brief list gives a helpful jump-start for people in the Chicago area looking for computer recycling and hard drive destruction services. Whether you end up with Chicago Shredder, E-Waste Solutions, or Microant, you can be confident that all three companies will safely remove all personal data from your devices before they are sent off to be recycled. And that kind of assurance is truly priceless.


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