How Businesses Can Look to Dispose of Computers and Electronics

Recycling old computers and electronics is more than a responsible thing to do. In many states, eWaste is applied by law. Electronic equipment contains gases that may cause environmental problems, and precious metals that can be efficiently recycled. When your eWaste is being processed through a facility such as Chicago Electronics Recycling, the end result is a healthier environment and returning expensive natural elements to the manufacturing market.
What is the Law?In Illinois, a wide variety of electronic equipment is now banned from landfills, and the law says that you are expected to recycle accordingly. Businesses and end-consumers alike must contact authorized recycling centers to dispose of their old equipment. The full details of the law, which went into effect on January 1, 2012, is available on the Illinois EPA website, and includes all computers, cell phones, televisions and a wide variety of electronics equipment. For businesses, the list includes Fax machines, scanners and servers. If your company has electronic equipment which is nearing the end of its projected life cycle, recycling arrangements should, by law, be part of your upgrade path.
Recycling and Sensitive DataBecause most businesses store private data, including credit card information and personal information on customers and company operations, simply handing over your old computer is a frightening thought. Chicago Electronics Recycling will “punch” hard drives on location, rendering them useless.
According to a paper published by Columbia University titled, “The Future of Electronic Waste Recycling in the United States: Obstacles and Domestic Solutions,” the United States does not currently have the smelting and recycling infrastructure required to process the country’s eWaste. For that reason, a majority of the electronics recycled in this country are shipped overseas to countries such as India or China, where it can be properly recycled. As eWaste recycling becomes more commonly accepted in the U.S., some or all of those processes will be done domestically, allowing the recycled products to be remanufactured on American soil. With a little planning, you can choose a company which is already retaining as much of our waste resources as possible.
Electronics Recycling in ChicagolandBefore you call a recycler in the Chicagoland area, take a few minutes to find out what is available and who can provide legitimate recycling services. True recycling companies like ours will stand behind your privacy by providing you with certificates that explain the services received. Companies like ours are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and properly licensed and authorized by the EPA and the Illinois Bureau of Land Services. Recycling eWaste is important, and every company has to do its part. As explained in detail in Tulane University’s paper, “Recycling eWaste,” recycling electronics will reduce the fastest growing segment of American waste products, and make vital components of electronics devices available for reuse in future devices.
Think Twice About RefurbishedMany people associate refurbished and used electronics as lower quality. It’s been a common misconception that refurbished means broken, with parts replaced, to make it new again. This is just all wrong. While there are some bad businesses out there, there are some companies that sell refurbished servers, motherboards, hard drives and more, that come directly from the manufacturer, as surplus stock. Purchasing products like these helps the environment, by decreasing the amount of waste and energy needed to build electronics while saving on major costs for businesses. Explore your options when upgrading your computer components for your business and trust in companies like Chicago Computer Electronics Recycling to pick up your load and take care of the rest, knowing your old equipment is in safe, secure hands. 

Pickup Services for Electronic Recycling in Waukegan, IL


Remarkable Pickup Services for Electronic Recycling in Waukegan, IL

Waukegan, IL-07 January 2014. Many people heard of electronic recycling and considering the service due to its all-encompassing benefits for customers and the environment. Nevertheless, most consumers back out due to the unavailability of remarkable pickup services, particularly in large cities like Waukegan, Illinois.

Waukegan, labeled as the ninth largest city in the Illinois state, has a total land area of around 23.67 square miles and serves as home for more than 90,000 residents in 2012. Its land area makes it challenging to transport electronic equipment for recycling. Fortunately, AVA Electronic Recycling, a company established in Illinois, extends premier pickup services for every client within the city. Its pickup service offers the following features that benefit its Waukegan customers.

Highly Beneficial Pickup Vehicles

The company utilizes smaller trucks for transporting electronic equipment. Their sizes guarantee that they are fuel efficient vehicles that utilize smaller gas amount. Since the company guarantees great savings on fuel use, clients can transport their electronic wastes even in farther distance without the need for refueling.

In addition, trucks used assure safe transport. Once transported, the company will continue working on the recycling the picked up units.

Budget-Friendly Pickup Services

The company charges fuel fees depending to its policy, which is way more affordable than what its competitors offer. Since they run on small fuel amount, consumers don’t have to pay expensive fees caused by enormous fuel volume.

Fuel charges may sound too costly since they are add-on fees. Nevertheless, AVA Electronic Recycling’s pickup service’s base rate is cheaper, something that similar companies don’t offer. Most competitors won’t even extend pickup services unless clients will agree on costly fees.

Consumers save money on this service, but businesses can also receive an enormous amount of savings. Usually, 95% of pickup transactions with businesses are free or with great savings.

Other Cost-Cutting Perks

AVA’s pickup services impressed numerous clients who want to recycle their electronics because of the rates. The Illinois-based company, however, is not done yet as it offers other cost-cutting services that assure utmost savings for consumers.

For example, the company will waive fuel charge if you have over 10 COMPUTERS for pickup. This is a remarkable budget-saving perk for establishments upgrading their computer systems and have them picked up whenever they are ready. Dumping this number of computers can be problematic for the environment due to their hazardous components like chemical-based connectors.

A pickup service is indeed a notable service that many Waukegan clients enjoy these days. Considering the amount and convenience, more people within the city will be motivated to engage in electronic recycling activities. Find out more about AVA Electronic Recycling’s service by checking its official website.

About Chicago Electronics Recycling:

They are committed to the practice of “Reusing, Reducing and Reclaiming” IT waste which contributes to a healthy environment.  The company strives to perfect their recycling methods  while ensuring that compliance with law-regulating bodies and state of the art e-waste disposal management remains a top priority.

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