Enterprise-Level Hard Drive Disposal in Naperville, Illinois through Electronic Recycling Naperville

Enterprise-Level Hard Drive Disposal in Naperville, Illinois through Electronic RecyclingNaperville, Illinois-06 January 2014. Enterprise companies consider server and local hard drives as the core of their network operations. More than just storage, these disk drives also work in running several applications necessary for work. In the long run, however, companies require enterprise-level data destruction in disposing off hard drives.In Naperville, Illinois, numerous companies take advantage of remarkable data wipeout through electronic recycling. By 2012, the city’s population count reached 140,000, which indicates the presence of numerous companies utilizing hard drives and servers for their operations. Through the enterprise-level electronic recycling, companies will take advantage of these features that will benefit them in the future.Protecting companiesCompanies need to keep information confidential for security purposes. Gaining access to corporate details can be threatening on the business level as well as for their employees. This prompts companies to ensure total data wipeout once they are ready to dispose their drives.An enterprise-rated electronic recycling company doesn’t only guarantee proper hard drive disposal, but also ensure continuous company protection even after throwing away their disks.Dual level hard drive destructionA premier electronic recycling service like AVA Electronic Recycling also extends effective data wipeout that every company in Naperville will love. The company offers dual-level data destruction, which makes it stand out among other similar companies. First is magnetic data erasure and then hard drive shredding.Due to the hard drive’s outcome after shredding, people will immediately think that the data saved in it are already inaccessible or impossible to read. However, data remnants can still be found within the disk fragments and it is possible to extract utilizing other means like optical drives or high-end configurations. Therefore, files can still be collected once they landed on the hand of unreliable individuals.AVA Electronic Recycling will delete all files within the hard drives through magnetic erasure. Doing this procedure lengthens the data destruction procedure, but assures effective deletion. After deletion, the disk will be shredded to conclude the destruction process. Compliance is kingData deletion procedures must comply according to the standards set by the US Department of Defense to guarantee effectiveness and security. The procedure itself should not only meet the standards, but also the equipment and software used must be tested by NIST. Companies must only deal with electronic recycling companies who complied to these standards to guarantee total file deletion while maintaining company security at all times.A company regardless of its size requires enterprise-level service, something that can be achieved by hiring top quality companies. To check its data wipeout services for hard drive, visit AVA Electronic Recycling’s official website and learn about its other services that you may need.About Chicago Electronics Recycling: They are committed to the practice of “Reusing, Reducing and Reclaiming” IT waste which contributes to a healthy environment. The company strives to perfect their recycling methods while ensuring that compliance with law-regulating bodies and state of the art e-waste disposal management remains a top priority.Contact:AVA ELECTRONICS RECYCLING PICK UP2325 S Michigan Ave.,Chicago, IL 60616(630) 537-0282 recyclecomputerchicago.com


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