Electronic Recycling and Data Destruction for Cicero, Illinois Residents


Government-Certified Electronic Recycling and Data Destruction for Cicero, Illinois Residents

Cicero, IL-07 January 2014. Every service must comply with set standards to guarantee customer satisfaction at all times. As for electronic recycling, Cicero Illinois experiences among the top caliber services to dispose electronic appliances and devices properly. This service quality is not only measured by efficiency, effectiveness and affordability, but also by receiving certifications from different governing boards.

AVA Electronic Recycling, an Illinois-based service provider, extends remarkable ecycling services and participates or spearheads numerous recycling events like government recycling and a lot more. Today, there’s an increasing number of Cicero residents reaching the company to deal with their electronic wastes.

Cicero Residents Taking Advantage of Ecycling and Data Destruction

As of 2012, Cicero has approximately 80,000 residents from all walks of life and ethnicity. Being one of the largest cities in the state, Cicero will present increasing count of electronic wastes dumped on landfills. However, AVA Electronic Recycling helps in saving the city from overwhelming electronic junks that can affect the environment.

The good thing about AVA is its government-certified ecycling and data destruction services backed up by numerous governing boards.

Government Laws and Organizations Certifying Data Destruction Procedures

Usually, authority standards may incline on businesses or other government offices. However, even residents also have the same right to receive authority-certified services as paying client. Since data destruction is a serious procedure with the goal of protecting companies, governing boards set standards or specific offices that will certify data wipeout procedures.

  • National Industry Security Program (NISP). NISP is an authority established for classified information accessibility and destruction for private industry. AVA data destruction services complied with NISP regulations, assuring private sectors of effective data destruction and sanitation.
  • Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA). This federal law is designed for credit score reporting agencies. Credit score is one of the sensitive information for companies and consumers. This law supports AVA’s data destruction procedures as they erase information in accordance to its standards.
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This act is designed for data handling and transactions in health insurance coverage applicable for the industry’s employees and facilities. Data destruction for hospital HIPAA compliant guarantees medical and insurance facilities total data wipeout exceeding the standards set by authorities.
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB). This regulation is made specifically for bank companies, which handle sensitive financial information. Deleting their data in preparation for disposal must comply with this act to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Data destruction and electronic recycling must comply with government laws to assure worry-free services for clients. Learn more about these government-certified services offered by AVA Electronic Recycling by checking its website for details.

About Chicago Electronics Recycling:

They are committed to the practice of “Reusing, Reducing and Reclaiming” IT waste which contributes to a healthy environment.  The company strives to perfect their recycling methods  while ensuring that compliance with law-regulating bodies and state of the art e-waste disposal management remains a top priority.

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