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What happens to my data? We make sure that the information is not compromised or stolen, we destroy all data either by punching, shredding, wiping, or a mix of all 3. Rest assured all items are handled properly set forth by the government and independent security bodies.
What is a Voucher? You can use the money you spent recycling on any one of our services. You will receive a voucher in your email to be printed out and presented at the event. You can also print out a copy for yourself to use at our retail store. Vouchers may only be used at specific cities and our main warehouse unless stated otherwise.
NO REFUNDS: Due to cost of running events, no refunds will be issued as events are organized based on quantity of TVs coming in. If you do not recycle a TV at the event for that date, you can go to another event date or our main warehouse in Addison. Voucher is still valid for 6 months even if you choose to not recycling at all.


-Measure the diagonal screen size from bottom left corner to top right-

#1: Fill out form #2: Add quantities
#3: PAY Fee #4: Print receipt
–must show receipt at location!–

The 41st ward is located on the Northwest side and includes Edison Park, Norwood Park, O’Hare, Chicago and Edgebrook